Tamil Tv Serial Mudhal Mariyathai

Mudhal Mariyaadhai Tamil Tv serials on Kalaingar tv

It is a Tamil serial telecasted on Kalaignar TV. The serial is written by Kalaignar and directed by Bharathiraja. Both are known for their huge intelligence in their respective field. This serial was a huge success and was much appreciated by Tamil audience.

The story has a rural setup. It portrays the story of the protagonist, whose family is very poor; they could not even afford four square meals a day with a significant amount of efforts. The father is a farmer, who sweats out blood so that his family can afford a meal the next day. His daughter is a potter by profession, who helps her father to run their house. Her mother is not able to work outside, so she helps in whatever small ways she can, like by cooking the meals as doing the daily household chores. She has a younger brother, who loves to play the flute. But this hobby of his is disliked by his father. He throws this flute into the fireplace after he discovers that his son is not doing anything productive for the benefit of the family, but is only playing flute in the middle of the day.

This serial focuses on his passion to play the flute, due to which he is even forced to abandon his home and venture into the unknown on his own. Filled with passion and intrigue, this serial manages to garner a lot of praise from the Tamil television audience.