Tamil Tv Serial Mr.Thenaliraman

Mr.Thenaliraman Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Mr Thenaliraman is Tamil historical serial which is based on the events and life of Thenaliraman who was a very famous poet. The serial dates back to the time when he was born and the way he used to live his life. R.K. Laxman had done the illustrations of the show. His efforts have been considered fruitful for the show. The stories shown in the series have been based on the short stories which have written by Kamala Laxman. His stories have been portrayed in such a fabulous manner that the serial was liked by a huge amount of viewers.

The script of the series moves about the life of Thenali Raman who was a 16-century poet in the court of Vijayanagara Empire. He was very famous for the sense of humour he had and for his extraordinary skills at wit and wisdom. He was regarded as the most intelligent person at the court and was often consulted in the time of need. The show also features some of the phrases and things, spoken by him. Thus these dialogues add a charm to the plot.

The opening episode of the show reveals that the show is solely based on the events happened in the life of the great poet Thenaliraman. It shows the current pictures of the citadels and the places he used to live in or worked on the court. Then after that, the actual part starts when Tenali was in his village with his family. The later episodes reveal that how Thenaliraman used to go to the court every day to serve his duties. He was often stopped by the guards at the entrance as he thought that everyone knew him and won’t be stopped but then he used to tell that he was called by so and so person. The serial Mr Thenaliraman has been produced under the banner of Padam- Rag TV International. It also casts Baljinder Singh Bhambra in the lead role i.e. as Tenali Raman.

Thus the show was liked a lot by the spectators, and they used to follow each and every episode of it. Thus this historical serial backed by awards and also a lot of appreciation from the viewers. The people also praised about the acting which was done by the lead actor and also the supporting cast. Thus the makers were happy because of the extreme success of the serial.