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Mouna Ragam is a Tamil soap opera which is a dubbed version of The Hindi drama serial, Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar. It has a runtime of twenty minutes. It was originally aired on Sony TV. It is created by the TV queen Ekta Kapoor. Nivedita Basu and Vipul Megan have been credited with the story. Reena Pareek, Dheeraj Sarna, and Shirish Laktar, are the people responsible for the dialogues.

Anil V. Kumar, Kamal Monga, Lalit Marathe, Rishi Tyag, Partho Mitra and Santram Verma, are the directors of various episodes of the serial. It ran for only one season, airing over two hundred episodes in the process. Ronit Roy, Darshan Pandya, Pallavi Kulkarni, Kishwar Merchant, Anurag Sharma, Luke Grewal, Ashish Juneja, Induben, Rose Sardana, Palak Jain, Rohan Shah and Rhea Sharma, are the lead cast of Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar or Mouna Ragam.

Pratyusha Banerjee, Aishwarya Sakhuja, and Mona Singh had little cameos as dance girls in the show. Ragini Patel is an independent divorced woman who lives with her two children and her mother. Their maid also stays in the same house. She works as an Administrative Head in a hospital which is headed by Dr. Aman Malhotra. He gets confused in most of the things, and he is often seen asking Ragini for advice on how to make things better.

Dr. Neil Sharma is Ragini’s divorced husband, and he lives in New York with their other three children. His sister also lives with them as she helps in taking care of the children. Nishi is going to be married. She finds out that her father lives in New York and decided to call him. Her mother is against the idea but as she cares about her daughter, she lets her go ahead with the idea. She thinks that it will be good for the children if they meet and get to know each other.

Upon hearing this, the kids decide to stop this misunderstanding between their parents. They want to see them together. Nivedita Basu has a crush on Neil. She was the reason why he and Ragini had to file for divorce. Now seeing the opportunity, she wants to marry him and settle in New York.

The two were going to get engaged but due to something happening to their children, they had to call the engagement off. Nishi’s marriage is called off too. After nine months, another person decides to marry her. Neil, along with his kids, makes the journey to India. The situation between him and Ragini has become worse, with even greater tensions between the two. 

This baby girl faces a lot of pointed questions and remarks about her father having left her mother. The child actor gains the sympathy of audiences throughout the series.