Tamil Tv Serial Micro Thodargal


Micro Thodargal is a new idea whereby short serials are made which lasts only 5 episodes. These are written by the veteran director, K Balachander. This was aired in Raj TV and is no longer being shown.

Dinam Oru Poi is one such short story and is directed by Sundar K Vijayan. It is story of Sumathi who works in a Chartered Accountant’s office and who’s Uncle, 75 years old and played by Charu Hassan, falls ill. While his family is worried for him, Charu Hassan is reminded of a particular cot on which he had written his name as a kid. He tells his wife that if he uses that cot he will die peacefully. Sumathi insists that her aunt share with her the details of this cot. Charu Hassan’s brother explained that the cot brought a lot of bad luck to his family wherein everyone who slept in that cot died and Charu Hassan’s eldest daughter also died. He told that only after getting rid of it, Charu Hassan prospered in his life. However, he was bent on getting that cot back. He also tried going back to his previous house just to get it back. When Sumathi went to check the previous owner, she came to know that he had passed away. She uses this excuse to tell her uncle that she can talk to them about the cot a little later only.

In the meantime, Sumathi’s parents are looking to get her married. But she has feelings for her colleague at office. After a while, Charu Hassan was getting restless with Sumathi’s excuses about the cot and forces her to go to the previous owner’s house. She gets to know that he doesn’t know the details and Sumathi has to contact his brother who is in New Jersey and provides the contact details. While she gets home with these details, Sumathi gets the news of her father’s demise.

After this, Sumathi gets to know that the cot is in Kumbakonam with the previous owner’s uncle who has in turn given it to his servant. Finally, Sumathi found the cot. She realizes that her uncle was surviving so well only because he had an objective for which he’s living, his cot. With this, she also decides to forever. After that she gets married and has a son. Having a grandson changed Charu Hassan’s outlook on life and he decided he doesn’t need the cot anymore.