Tamil Tv Serial Mella Thiranthathu Kathavu

Mella Thiranthathu Kathavu  Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil

Mella Thiranthathu Kathavu is a Tamil television soap opera. It is a daily sitcom based on a very romantic love story, which involves a lot of drama. It is aired from Monday to Friday at 8:00 p.m. on the Zee Tamil Channel.

The beautiful story of this serial revolves around two visually disabled individuals Selvi and Santhosh, who become lovers with the course of the plot. Santhosh belongs to a very rich family. One day he and parents met with a fatal accident, which caused Santosh to lose his eyes and his parents. After this accident, he joins a particular institute, which is for the visually impaired people. At this place, he comes across this simple yet charming girl, who is blind too. Her name is Selvi.

As the story goes forward both of them fall for each other immensely. As it happens, both of them, in such deep love, doesn’t realize that there are other pertaining forces that didn’t want to see these two lovers together. This is where the story of this serial begins, where both Selvi and Santhosh strive to stay together and not let anything come between them. Their pursuit is to protect each other and also try to bring back their vision so that they can live happily ever after.

The remarkable highlight of this serial is the message it delivers to its viewers. Blind people in the actual world show extraordinary capacity in being independent and self-sufficient, even in their misfortunate situations. They live the remaining days and moments of their lives in this manner, and this speaks out to the others, to not be dependent on anybody, and to do everything on our own, because if people who are visually challenged can do it, we should be ashamed if we don’t. 

The story that is depicted in this serial is quite enthralling and endearing, and not a single portion of the story tries to arouse sympathy, rather the characters and the plot points are pretty realistically brought to life. A very clear essence that the viewers of this serial will receive after watching this show is that the visually challenged people don't need our sympathy, so we should keep our sympathies to ourselves, rather put our foot forward in helping them. The story will most definitely invite and reinforce hope and faith in every relationship, for whoever is watching this serial.