Tamil Tv Serial Marmadesam - Iyanthira Paravai

Marmadesam - Iyanthira Paravai Tamil Tv serials on Zee tamil

Iyanthira Paravai is a successful fictional serial. It consists of three parts divided into short episodes aired on Aired on Chennai TV between 1997-2001. 

In the first part, named Ragasiyam, the action is based around a temple in Chitharpatti, which has a legend that says that it can heal any disease. But the only problem is that the temple is being closed every evening until the next morning. A journalist who doesn’t believe in myths decides to hide in the temple to find out what happens at night. The village is filled with fear when they find the journalist dead in the temple, killed by a dog, which is being said to be the protector of the temple at night. Along, this first part, more of these rationalists try to uncover the mistery behind the temple.

The second part, named Vidaathu Karuppu, is the most successful of the three parts and has an unique feature. The action from the first minutes of every episode is based in 1977 and the rest of the episode in based in 1997 referring at the events that happened in the first minutes. This part also contains a person who is skeptical to a specific legend that he hears, in this case the legend of Karuppu Sami. The main characters Reena and her boss try to uncover who is behind the murders of those who don’t believe in Karuppu Sami.

Edhuvum Nadakkum is the name of the third and last part of the serial. This part evolves around the myth of Kalpavriksham that according to a tribe, it is a tree hidden in the forest who has the power to grant any wish. A lot of people are starting to look for this amazing tree but most of them are killed during the searches. A student and a filmmaker also come in this forest to find the tree and quickly realize that there is something more in the death of the searchers.