Tamil Tv Serial Marmadesam

Marmadesam Tamil TV SERIALS on RAJ TV

Marmadesam, which means a mysterious land, is a mysterious and supernatural show. The creator of the serial is Minbimbangal and Naga, and C. J. Bhaskar is the directors of the serial and K. Balachander is the producer. The running time of the show is thirty minutes. It first made its appearance on TV in the year 1995 on Sun TV channel. Later, in the year 1998, it was once again aired on Raj TV. Currently, the audience has been viewing this show since August 3, 2015, on Vasanth TV every week, from Monday to Friday, at seven-thirty in the evening.

The series consists a total of four hundred and fifty-three episodes. The show is a purely fictitious show that showcases short stories, each focusing on the paranormal aspect and also some superstitions that exist among the people. Of the many stories that were displayed, Ragasiyam, Vidāthu Karuppu, Sorna Reghai, Iyanthira Paravai and, Edhuvum Nadakkum are the most famous tales. Ragasiyam which roughly translates 'The Secret', revolves around a village which has a very famous temple of Chitheswarar. However, the temple is open only during the day and is closed for common people during the night. Anyone who tries to enter gets killed and hence people believe that a guardian, in the form of a dog guards the temple.

Some of the people refuse to accept this and decide to investigate this matter. Very captivating things and secrets reveals and hence this tale is one of the loved and viewed tales of the series. Vidaathu Karuppu is an another engrossing thriller. It deals with the scientific concept of split personality. Herein, the tale presents the situation of two different decades. At first, it shows weird things happening in a household named Anaimudi Alampriyar and in the other decade some students from medical fraternity analyze and studies the situations.

In the third story, villagers of Thanumalayakkudi believe that a wish- granting tree named Kalpavriksham exist somewhere deep in the forest. However, anyone who has tried to search this tree has never returned or have lost their life. Some filmmakers attempt to find it but end up dying. The makers did not release the end of the story for a reason that is not yet identified. The authorities released a novel named Vaanathu Manithargal which contains the entire story. The fourth story revolves around an astrologer who claims that he can predict anyone's future by seeing their palms. The fifth story is a crime-thriller in which a cold-blooded criminal, who uses Varma Kalai and boomerang to kill people. Everyone loves the serial. Ragasiyam, especially, received so much love that the makers were prompted to release it in a DVD.