Tamil Tv Serial Marakka Mudiyuma ?

Marakka Mudiyuma ? Tamil Tv serials on Kalaingar tv

Marakka Mudiyuma is a movie based weekly series that came on the Kalaignar TV network. It is a Tamil language show and came on every week on Saturday in the slot of 8 PM. The program presents the life and works of a number of different legends from the Tamil cinema industry. It provides a biography of sorts of the actors and actresses of yesteryears who have helped the industry grow through the many decades of its existence. The show features numerous stories from their lives and careers along with some of the most memorable scenes that they played out in their movies.

The show also features a kind of felicitation of these legends without whom the Tamil film industry would not exist where it has reached today. The series honors the great work which they have done and their service towards this industry. The format of this program got designed so that the entirety of four episodes gets dedicated to each and every celebrity who is the subject of that set of episodes. The contributions that they made to the world of the cinema industry gets brought out by means of interviews held with people that used to be very closely connected to the artist.

The series inaugurated by discussing the life and the profile of one the biggest stars to grace the silver screen, none other than Sivaji Ganesan. His story, growth as a star from his humble origins, and the great heights he achieved got dealt with, and these discussions get interspersed with a variety of clippings from some of his best films. The tremendous response received by the very first episode of the show stood testimony to the fact that the fond memories of this legend live on even after so many years of his sad demise.

The second episode introduced some of the technicians with whom he had worked. They spoke at length about the approach he used to take to the problems they had in the workplace and even those occurring in their personal lives. He was truly a great person in addition to a brilliant actor. The third episode presented some of the producers as well as directors he had worked with in close quarters. They reminisced fondly about the legend’s sense of punctuality as well as his in-depth involvement during every phase of the movie including the production and the post-production phases.

The fourth episode introduces us to some of his die-hard fans who cannot get enough of his films. They speak about their favorite movies and scenes and what made the legend so endearing to them. This sequence got repeated week after week with every artist discussed on the show.