Tamil Tv Serial Mangai

Mangai Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Mangai was aired on Sun Television Network and the story revolves around a lady named "Mangai", the daughter of a school teacher. Mangai loses her mother at a young age and is grown and brought up by her father at a circumstance that one can imagine how difficult it would be without the mother.

Her father seems to be a great inspiration to herself and she grows up to follow in her father's footsteps and becomes a teacher as her father. It's here in the school that she meets Diwakar, one of her superiors, whom she falls in love with. They eventually get married and Mangai moves into her husband's extended family. Her husband’s family is a joint family of hugely related with each having their own principles and values.

Managua found it very difficult to cope with the family members and had to sacrifice a lot for others, even the communication with her father initially, yielding lots of problems between herself and Diwakar. As days go on, she understands everybody’s nature and mingles with everyone closely and gets everybody’s attention and loves. In one situation, She had become a part of everybody’s life and they can't leave Mangai for any reasons.