Tamil Tv Serial Manaivi

Manaivi was a Tamil Tele, aired on Sun TV during 2005-2006. Film actress kowsalya made her television debut with this family drama, directed by CJ Basker (Director of Chithi and Annamalai) and Vijay Adhiraj acted as male lead. The story of Manaivi is about twin sisters Hamsaveni and Krishnaveni. Hamsaveni, born in middle-class family lives with her parents and sister in outer of Chennai, she gets engaged to Ramani, but as Hamsaveni feels that there is a problem in her horoscope and if she gets married, her father will die, so she runs away from her house just before the wedding.

Meanwhile Krishnaveni, who lives with her wealthy foster-parents and two siblings, moves out of her house! Her foster mother tells the secret that she is not born to her, and the other two children are only her children. All these years Krishnaveni thought that her foster-parents are her own parents. Broken Krishnaveni move out from the house and coincidentally goes near to the wedding hall where Hamsaveni’s wedding is supposed to happen.

Hamsaveni’s family sees Krishnaveni and thinks she is Hamsaveni. Before she could get out of the shock, she gets married to Ramani. Likewise Hamsaveni is misunderstood as Krishnaveni, is taken to Krishnaveni’s house. Hamsaveni wants to get married to Ramani, she dresses up as Krishnaveni and goes to her house and lives with Ramani when Krishnaveni is not in the house.

In this process she gets pregnant, and Ramani ‘s family, who loved Krishnaveni a lot all these years started to feel sympathy for Hamsaveni as she bares their family’s baby. In the end, Hamsaveni realizes her mistakes and gives her daughter to Ramani and joins an Orphanage and serves orphans. Krishnaveni lives with Ramani and treats Hamsaveni‘s daughter as her own.