Tamil Tv Serial Mama Mapplea

Mama Mapillai Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Sun Television Network introduced this Tamil comedy show called Mama Mapplea which was telecasted on every Sunday comprised of 75 episodes. This series is star studded and the main character is donned by the famous R. Pandiarajan, a director , writer and a senior artist in the Tamil film industry.

Pandiarajan cast himself as a dual appearance in this series where both are look alike and no differences you could find except the behavior and mannerism. The Goodie Pandiarajan’s life is full of fun and comedy until he meets the baddie where the life takes a complete U turn showcased in a complete comedy tone.

At one stage, Baddie Pandiarajan gets into the Goodie’s place and the goodie has to starve for everything. Baddie tries to marry the girl of a goodie for her wealth and How the goodie returns back and fights back from this situation is comically shown.

On top of this, the bride also looks mentally not stable and at one situation she started liking the baddie approach and go against the favour of God. He has to convince the bride and get herself on his side to make her love him and save her out of the trap framed by the baddie.

Another Version of This Bio:

Mama Mapplea was a hilarious comedy which told the stories of the adventures faced by a man along with his nephew. The show was telecast on Sun TV channel in 2012. It was a fantastic family comedy which packed in some interesting comic elements. It showed an interesting conversation that the uncle character has with his nephew at their home. The serial was a light-hearted comedy that one can enjoy with their family. Stories from day to day life presented in a humorous way to liven up our day with laughter and smiles.

Mama Mapplea entertains and leaves the viewers rollicking with laughter with its funny and quirky moments. A simple story that everyone can relate to is what Mama Mapplea is all about. The serial is directed by S.N. Sakthivel. It is produced by Vision Time. The cast included the sensational Pandiarajan, the beautiful Aishwarya, the wonderful Balaji, the talented Kumaresan, the lovely Shobhana and the comical Nellai Shiva.