Tamil Tv Serial Maharani

Maharani Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

Maharani is a Tamil serial, broadcasted on Vijay TV from Monday to Thursday daily at 7 PM. The serial dealt with the characters and lives of two women named Maha and Rani. Mahalakshmi and Rani live in an orphanage from their childhood since they don’t have parents. They both share an emotional bond when they were in the orphanage. A rich family comes to the orphanage for adopting a kid to grow up as their own child. They adopt Rani as their daughter, who leaves orphanage to live a grand life with her parents.

To her shock, she comes to know that Mahalakshmi was the real daughter of her new parents. They abandoned her in the orphanage while she was a baby. Mistaking Rani for Mahalakshmi, they adopt her. But Rani conceals the truth and continue to be the daughter of her rich parents. In the meanwhile, when Mahalakshmi visits Rani and describes the poor condition of her life, Rani's parents employ Mahalakshmi as a maid. She joins the new job at Rani's home and one day she happens to read the diary of Rani's mother.

She comes to know about the truth. She also realises that it was her best friend Rani who's blocking her way from revealing the her real parents because of her selfish motives. Rani also happened to be a reason for stopping the marriage of Mahalakshmi. Mahalakshmi breaks down completely when she realizes the real nature of her close friend Rani. Whether Maha unveils the truth to her parents is what forms the rest of the plot. The cast of the serial includes Sujitha in the role of Mahalakshmi and Srilekha in the role of Rani along with the others.