Tamil Tv Serial Maharani

Maharani Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

Maharani is a Tamil serial, an altered remake of the hit Malayalam serial, Ente Manasaputhri, directed by Baiju Devaraj. Maharani is directed by Kannan Thamarakkulam and produced by Baiju Devaraj. The serial stars “Praveena,” “Sujitha,” Archana Suseelan, Murali Mohan, “Sulakshana,” Sathish Kumar, “M Padmakumar,” Arya Rohit, Fasal Razi, Balaji Sarma, Karthika Kannan, Chitra Shenoy and many others. The serial was telecast from 2009 to 2011. The story is about two close friends, Mahalakshmi and Rani, who were brought up in an orphanage. After Maha completes her graduation, a sister in the orphanage gives Maha a small box with a letter and a ring from Maha’s mom. From that day, Maha wanted to see her mom madly. One day, a millionaire couple, Devaraj and Yamuna, come to the orphanage searching for their daughter. Rani, who comes to know that Deva is Maha’s dad, tricks Maha, gets the evidence from her, and shows it to him and goes with him to have a luxurious life. Maha is the daughter of Devaraj and Sandhya.

As Maha is born to Sandhya before marriage, Sandhya leaves the child to her friend, who puts her in the orphanage. Later, Deva marries Yamuna and Sandhya chooses a different path. Now, Rani decides to finish off Maha, as she might create problems in the future. She joins hands with Thopiyas, who is working in Deva’s office and sketches evil plans to grab Deva’s property. While escaping from the goons sent by Rani, Maha meets Sandhya in an accident. Sandhya takes her to her house and keeps her as a helper. Maha and Prakash, her college lecturer, are in love. Now, Rani wants to marry Prakash and moves the game accordingly. Rani tortures Maha in various ways and makes Sandhya hate Maha. In a particular situation, Maha comes to know that Sandhya is her mom and Deva is her dad. Rani threatens Maha that if she opens up this to her parents, she will kill both of them. But, Rani’s enemy Mumtaz, who knows all these, opens the secret to Sandhya.

Sandhya, the Chairperson of the Women’s Welfare Association, finds it difficult to save her daughter from Rani, even though she is in power. Hence, she didn’t open up to Maha that she knows that Maha is her daughter, as Rani might plan devilish. In a situation, Sandhya Madam reveals her daughter to Yamuna, who is already tortured by Rani. Deva is madly affectionate with Rani, thinking that she is his daughter. How do Sandhya Madam and Yamuna make Deva understand the truth? The series comes with a lot of twists and turns. Praveena plays Sandhya, Sujitha plays Maha, Archana plays Rani, Srinath played Deva and after his death, Murali Mohan replaced him. Vijay TV telecasted the serial from Monday to Thursday at 7 pm.