Tamil Tv Serial Mahamayi

Mahamayi Tamil TV SERIALS on Zee Tamil

Mahamayi is a Tamil language TV show. Zee Tamil telecasted the TV show for the Tamil audience on 29th February 2016. The TV show is a daily soap opera running on the weekdays. The protagonist of the daily soap opera is Sundari. Archana Jois Archana Jois plays the role of Sundari in the new >> Read More... has played the protagonist in the serial. The story of the serial Mahamayi revolves around Sundari. She works at the temple of Goddess Mahamayi. It is believed that Sundari is actually an incarnation of the Princess of Rajeshwari. The Princess of Rajeshwari was a great devotee of the Goddess Mahamayi. One day three men follow her because of their lust for Shri Chakra which was a powerful divine object. The princess kept on running and, making attempts to save that powerful divine object but she fails and loses her life within the sanctum of the shrine of Goddess Mahamayi.

Then only she vows that she would never worship the Goddess Mahamayi ever. In her next birth she takes birth as Sundari and she is actually a disbeliever in Goddess Mahamayi. Yet her life has given her a purpose and she has to protect the Shri Chakra. She has to protect the powerful divine object from being misused. Later in the show the story of the serial Mahamayi gets into a mystical thrilling journey of love, devotion, human emotions and, deceit. The story of the serial sets back in two times. Sundari although takes it as her destiny. She believes that it is in her destiny to save that Chakra although she couldn’t show any devotion to the Goddess Mahamayi. At the beginning of the show there was a background story of the place Chakrapuri. Chakrapuri has a divine Chakra that rises only once in 21 years.

The trustee of the temple makes an attempt to steal the same after which starts the story of saving the Chakra. The other part of the story is the story of the Princess of Rajeshwari, her devotion to the Goddess and, her vow of never worshipping the Goddess again. The serial has its ups and down throughout. The show ran successfully with 235 plus episodes on Zee Tamil. The show telecasts from Monday to Friday at 6.30 PM. The Tamil audience loves watching this TV daily soap opera. The audience loved the mix of a story that has love, deceit, emotions, history and, all other human emotions. The show has been a hit since the beginning.