Tamil Tv Serial Mahaangalum Adhisayangalum

Mahaangalum Adhisayangalum Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv
MahaangalumAdhisayangalum is a spiritual TV serial getting aired in Star Vijay from Monday to Friday at 6 PM. The series portrays the life history and the miracles happened in the life of KanchiParamacharya.

KanchiParamacharya was the 68th guru of KanchiKamakoti Mutt. His actual name was Swaminathan who was usually called by his devotees as Paramacharya or MahaPeriyava. The saint born on 20th of May 1984 at Villupuram to a Brahmin family. He was a scholarly student in his school times and his parents performed Upanayanam for him which is a procedure followed to qualify a boy for studying Vedic studies from a Guru. In the year of 1907, the KanchiKamakoti Mutt was in the process of selecting its succeeding Acharya since the presiding Acharya was suffering from small pox. The successor who was in the consideration for the position was SubramaniyaSastrigal, the first cousin of Swaminathan. But after presiding the mutt just for seven days, the 67th Acharya fell ill and died. Swaminathan was immediately positioned as 68th Acharya of the mutt, when he was just 13 years old. The parents of Swaminathan recalled that at the time of his birth an astrologist forecasted that the world will come to the feet of his son. After getting the position in the mutt, Swaminathan was renamed to Sri ChandrasekarendraSaraswatiSwamigal.

The serial starts with the saint's birth, proceeds to his sainthood and uncovers the miracles in his life starting from his sudden uprising to become the Acharya of the Kanchi Mutt.