Tamil Tv Serial Magalir Matum

Polimer Tv Magalir Matum  Tamil TV SERIALS on Polimer TV

Magalir Matum is a Hindi-dubbed Tamil serial that aired on Polimer TV from Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm. The original Hindi serial is Ladies Special that aired on Sony TV. The serial is produced by Sanjiv Sharma and Vipul D Shad and directed by Qaeed Kuwajerwala and Indranil Goswami. The lead characters are played by Chhavi Pandey as Prarthana, Girija Oak as Meghna, and Bijal Joshi as Bindu.

The serial revolves around three characters, Prarthana, Bindu, and Meghna, who met on the Ladies Special train on their way to work. They instantly bonded and shared their life stories. Prarthana is a middle-class woman who lives with her unemployed parents and brother. She works in a telecom company. Her mother works hard to take care of the house as always worried about her kids. Her brother works as a driver. Even with both their incomes coming in, it is hard for them to keep their head above the water. Prarthana gets married to her rich subordinate, who, as per his father’s order, pretends to be a middle-class worker to learn the value of life.

Meghna is a hard worker from a lower-middle-class family that consists of her husband, three children Sachin, Swapna and Bindu, and her ailing father-in-law. Along with her neighbour/best friend, Meghna opens a garment company by the name Swapna garments, which has always been her dream. Her husband is a hard-working man who supports her.

Bindu is a lively young woman who gets married to a cardiologist, who only married her because of his family pressures. Her husband declares his love for another woman on their first night together. To his surprise, Bindu takes the news well and offers to be his friend. She also works as a Mehendi artist for weddings. When Bindu gets engaged to another man, her ex-husband realizes that he is in love with her. The three women share their happiness and sorrows and support each other through everything.