Tamil Tv Serial Maaveeran

Maaveeran Tamil TV SERIALS on Sun Life

Maaveeran is a TV serial based on Indian history, war and battles of different kingdoms to win over India. The serial is aired on Sun Life. This is a dubbed show from Sony TV channel named Porus. The show started in October 2018 and aired from Monday to Friday at 8.30 pm.  It is the most expensive serial in Indian Television history.

The serial tells the story of three legends. At first, it told the story of Porus, and in the second part. It told, the story of Alexander and in the last part, it told, the story of the Battle of Hydaspes. The show starts where the narrator River Jhelum starts telling the story of all the battles that happened on its bank. It is played by actress Pooja Sharma.

The show starts with showing the rivalry between two kingdoms. To get benefited from these two kingdoms rivalry Darius 3 from Persia visits India. At first, he shows that he is here to trade spices but, later it is revealed that he is here to destroy the kingdom of Pauravas. The king of Paurava Bamni played by Aditya Redji. He gets married to Anusuya played by Rati Pandey who is a princess of Taxila. Darius, to destroy these kingdoms conspires with the kind of Taxila Abhiraj played by Zohaib Siddiqui, and now queen Anusuya is overthrown by her husband. She is pregnant and gives birth to Porus, who gets lost because she is too weak to handle herself after his birth. Porus is saved by Ripudaman, he is also from the same kingdom. He raises him with his son Hasti in the Dasyu Kingdom. Porus is grown up now and is reunited with his family. It is revealed that while they were away from the kingdom Bamni remarried and now has a son named Kanishk. Puru and Kanishk fight each other in order to be the king of Paurava. Darius helps Kanishk to get rid of Puru. Puru defeated both of them and kicked him out of India.

At this point, the second part begins with the entry of Alexander, who wants to win over Pauravas. At this point, the show focuses on telling the story of Alexander starting from his birth. He is the son of Zeus but everyone thinks that he is the son of Philip. When he grows up he wants to be a king. Philip married Cleopatra and denied Alexander the kingdom. Philip wants to give his kingdom to the son born from Cleopatra. She gives birth to a daughter. Now mad Alexander gets married to his daughter and becomes the new king. He with the help of his assistance kills Cleopatra and Philip. Darius wants to take revenge and asks Alexander to invade India and to kill Porus.