Tamil Tv Serial Lakshmi Sahasranamam

Lakshmi Sahasranamam Tamil TV SHOWS on VIJAY TV

Lakshmi Sahasranamam is a Tamil spiritual reality show that was aired on Vijay TV in the year 2016 and had a total of 188 episodes. The format of this show is where the priest Shri Karunagarachariar describes goddess Lakshmi, and devotional songs of her are also played. The priest depicts her immortal powers of how she transforms a person’s dream into reality, and also, people worship her for wealth, knowledge, and fertility. In each episode, he conveys to people about the significance of chanting Thirunamam for goddess Lakshmi and its meaning. He apprises the viewers with his wisdom about Lakshmi. He describes the usage of Shri before any auspicious day as it can create over holy vibes and goddess Lakshmi blessings will also be showered upon the house. The priest requests the viewers and devotees of Lakshmi to fast on Fridays as it is considered to be a sacred day to worship her, and one has to do fasting on that day to attain eternal life or if they want their wishes to be granted.

He insists the viewers keep their house clean and to illuminate the whole place with lights so that it is believed that the goddess will step into the house since the Vedic period. The show also enhances the viewers with the benefits of uttering the slogans every day and cultivates them with different mantras to worship goddess Lakshmi. This show was considered a boon to the viewers as it helps them to sense the holy temple vibes in their houses. The ancient traditional ways to worship Lakshmi are also shown, such as the Lotus seed rosary, usage of Ghee lamps, Lotus stem wick, and Seashell. The bottom-line that is conveyed in this show is to follow good habits and to have faith and devotion towards Goddess Lakshmi to attain a healthy and prosperous life.