Tamil Tv Serial Krishnaswamy Association

Krishnaswamy Association Tamil Tv serials on Doordarshan

Krishnaswamy Association is a serial which is dedicated to the works of the Krishnaswamy Association towards the growth of the television shows in the second half of the twentieth century, after a decade of independence or so. They make films as well as television serials. The shows are based on the rich history and culture of our country. It is also based on the ever changing philosophy of the people in the state, the scientific innovations being carried out by the scientists in various domains, the creation of technology, and the social and political environment present in India.

Satires are made up to showcase the current environment, and predictions are made for the future of the state. It is a critical evaluation of the systems in the country and the hypocrisy behind it. The creators of the serial shed a tear for the plight of the child labourers in our country. Not only them, but it sheds a tear for the various social discrimination and acts of injustice being carried out by the various people of the community. It also tries to ignite a light in the people on nutrition, health, family welfare, and much more.

It promotes new theories which can help the economic condition of India, improving the corporation values in various organizations, and much more. They have worked in various domains which include advertising, playing music, composing theme songs, and much more. Krishnaswamy Association also provides consultancy for electrical media. They help in auctioning the several music and TV spots which will help in the planning of electronic media.

Over the years, Krishnaswamy Association has received many awards for their work. In 1968, they won the National Award for the “Brown Diamond”. It is a short film which lasted for only twenty minutes. In 1975, they again won the National Award for “I”. It is a short film which only lasted fifteen minutes. The associate was honoured with the HONORSUMMUS AWARD for their dedication towards making films related to social evils and issues. In 1992, they received a certificate for creative excellence for “Savitri”. It is a dance video which is a combination of two parts.