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Koppium Crime Time is a crime based reality daily series that came on the channel Raj TV. It is a Tamil language show and came on between Monday and Friday. The program featured stories about very unusual but absolutely true incidents that occurred all over Tamil Nadu. The series got accompanied with footage from the crime scene. We get to see the motivations of the various participants in the crimes and what clues got left behind at the scene. The show gives us valuable lessons regarding the merits of taking care of ourselves and the virtue of keeping watch at all times.

The crimes carry the gruesome tales about how so many lives could potentially have gotten saved. On most occasions, we merely need to stay watchful and vigilant about our surroundings. If these things got taken care of, not much else matters since danger could strike from anywhere. It could be lurking extremely close to ourselves without us getting aware of it at all. All the stories are from real life incidents, and we see testimonies from the affected parties. It features amongst one of the most popular series on Raj TV. It has enjoyed excellent ratings right from the first episode and has been running successfully for an extended period of time. The series places the various crimes that get committed in the state under a spotlight. It has also espoused the notion that nobody gets born a criminal.

In most of the cases, they are just the functions of what their surroundings turned them into. But this also means that they are indistinguishable from the rest of us. Nobody can recognize a criminal by looking at them. Therefore, the role of staying vigilant becomes a lot more important. In most of the episodes that went on air, we saw that the culprits got acquainted with the victims way before the crimes got committed. Hence, the danger could come at us from even those who stay around us and are close to us. The series became an immediate hit, and the viewers loved it propelling it to the top of the ratings. Each of the different episodes which got telecast showed us a very different nature of the crime and exposed us to a variety of different motives existing behind them.

All the cases covered on the show are old case files for which the investigation has either gotten completed, or they have gotten stalled because of the lack of evidence to pursue them to their conclusion. This has made it a very different show from the other ones seen since they present fictional crime-based stories. The stories on this show are all coming from real life incidents and actual people.


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