Tamil Tv Serial Kavichakravarthy Kambar

Kavichakravarthy Kambar Tamil Tv serials

Kavichakravarthy Kambar is a daily drama series that came on the Youtube channel. It is a Tamil language show and came on between Monday and Friday. The story of the program deals with the life of one of the greatest poets to have lived, Kambar. He belonged to Tiruvaluntur located in the Tanjore district of India and walked this Earth around the years of 1250. He wrote in the Tamil language and is also the author of the Tamil version of the great Indian epic Ramayana, titled as Ramavataram and is also more popularly known by the name of Kambaramayanam.

The program captures the saga of the meteoric rise and the subsequent fall of the great poet and what propelled him forward in life. We find the story of how he came to create the many great works he had and also pivotal instances from his own life. Kambar through the course of his life became the author of many great literary works in the Tamil language including the likes of Thirukkai Vazakkam, Erezhupathu, Silaiezhupathu, Sadagopar Anthathi, Kangai Puranam, and Sarasvati Anthati as well. He was born into the uvachchar caste, which has traditionally been that of priests in the southern parts of India. In spite of this, he got brought up inside the home of a very wealthy farmer who lived in the Vennai Nellur district of Tamil Nadu. His talents got known about far and wide, and this got him summoned one day to the court of the Chola king.

Once there, he got honored with the title of Kavi Chakravarty, which translates into “Emperor of Poets”. Kambar got considered one of the greatest scholars competent in two of India's ancient and culturally rich languages, namely Sanskrit and Tamil. Many scholarly studies have gotten done about this poet and the impact he had on the world of literature. He was responsible for the promotion of the Tamil language and its subsequent adoption by future poets. In fact, he is also worshiped as the “God of Wisdom” by many. For centuries now people have visited his resting ground to pay their respects.

The local villagers have adopted traditions such as that of feeding newborn babies a drop of soil from his resting place by diluting it in milk in order to help their children gain the kind of wisdom he possessed and grew up with special gifts of their own. The unique practice has been in place for many centuries now.