Tamil Tv Serial Kavarimaan

Kavarimaan Tamil Tv serials on Raj tv

Kavarimaan is the Tamil most popular show of its time. This television show was one of the comedy and adult show. In this Tamil Television show, Kavarimaan is a man on which the whole story revolves. He was a very peaceful man and loved her wife very much, but his wife was a gusti type Aunty, who liked to stay with strangers whole night because she was a passionate of money and sexual relationship with different strangers every night. One day his husband knew that his wife was a naughty girl who liked to live with strangers and enjoy sex with them. He was suddenly struck by heart attack and warned his wife for this. But it had no effect on his wife and she was same as earlier. Kavarimaan caught his wife with a stranger and murdered his convention wife for this.

Kavarimaan was incarcerated for his crime but was not in the condition to tell the reason behind this entire scenario to his family as he was fearing of shame to make his family know about the habits of his wife. So Kavarimaan refused to make others to know about his wife and his daughter ignored him for this action. This is a story of Kavarimaan where  he realizes his crime and refuses to let it know to others.