Tamil Tv Serial Kasalavu Nesam

Kasalavu Nesam Tamil Tv serials on Sun tv

Kasalavu Nesam is a comedy series directed by Legendary K. Balachander starring Venu Arvind and aired on Sun Network and Raj Television channels in the year 1999 and is referred to as most memorable series.

The plot revolves around Venu Arvind’s efforts in securing a job as he is unemployed. His friends recommend him for a job with a large business magnate. The catch here is, Venu Aravind must marry his Dark complexioned daughter to secure a job. Against his policy, he marries her, but her lack of beauty makes him cringe. As fate would have it, he falls in love with a Ghazal singer post marriage.

Soon after that, his wife dies in an accident and the route becomes clear for Venu Arvind. He marries the Ghazal singer and lives happily. However his happiness is short – lived as he has two fathers-in-law now. Life becomes miserable for Venu Arvind with both his fathers-in-law forcing him with their own principles and ideas in the daily life.

To make matters worse, Venu Arvind’s first wife returns as a spirit and visible only to him, events take a more uproarious turn. A series of mind-boggling comic interludes develop and utter confusion reins amidst the family members.

Another version of this story...

Like other comedy shows, this show Kasalavu Nesam was also a type of comedy drama show in which there was a lot of confusions and funny happenings in the life of a guy named Gautam. All drama of this TV show revolved around this guy Gautam. Gautam is an unemployed guy whose all attempts to get a job failed and now who thinks to get employed for him is impossible.

After all his efforts, his friend suggests him a job in a very big company but he has to sacrifice for it. He was agreed to do anything to get this job. Finally, he knew that to get this job; he has to marry the daughter of the owner of the company who is very ugly and black. He decides to marry her, but her absence of beauty forced Gautam to bend his head for this job. Days passes and he falls in love with another beautiful lady whose passion is singing. Gautam starts attracting towards him and wants to marry her. But one day his wife passed away in a car accident and now it becomes easy for Gautam to marry her because according to him it is difficult to handle two living wives.

Gautam marries her and suddenly comes to know that he is now the son of two father in laws and how it will impact his life. The story was drastically changed when his first wife (daughter of the boss) returned as a ghost who started frustrating Gautam as she was only visible to him. She created a wonderful comedy drama where she irritated Gautam and which developed a lot of confusions between Gautam, his wife and family.

Main Roles:

Venu Arvind

Venu Arvind is Tamil Film and Television Actor. He is mainly recognised for his role as Gautam in the serial Kasalavu Nesam. He also acted in various other shows like Raghuvamsum, Agnisakshi etc.

'Revathi Sankaran'

Revathi Sankaran is Tamil Actor. She is a celebrity for her story of Harikatha. She also played her role in various television serials like Mangayar Choice, Ali Darbar, Janal and Kasalavu Nesam in which she roled as Gautham's mother.

Delhi Kumar

Delhi Kumar is Tamil Actor. He is mainly known for his role as supporting characters in serials like Meti Oil. He also roled in tamil films like Stalin, Singham, Singham 2 and various other popular movies.

This is a Tamil Television serial and was Directed by K. Balchander and produced by B. Kailasam. This show was first time aired in 1999 on Sun TV and Raj TV.