Tamil Tv Serial Kandapurnam

Kandapurnam Tamil Tv serials on Doordarshan

Kandapurnam was a religious and entertainment program that aired on the Sri Sankara TV on Saturdays. The show aired at 9 am and it was based on Hindu mythology and texts. The show was backed by Lakshmi Rajrathnam. The channel Sri Sankara TV is one of the many South Indian channels dedicated to the Hindu religion and spiritualism. The channel airs various shows that are created keeping a sole aim in mind – to spread and educate people about various Hindu traditions and values and in the process provide entertainment to them.

The channel aims to blend holistic and spiritual activities with general entertainment. The show Kandapurnam is based on the Hindu God Kartikeya also known as Murgana, Skanda or Kumara. Karthikeya is regarded as the son of Hindu God Shiva and Goddess Parvati and the elder brother of Ganesha. The texts of Hinduism have different stories of Karthikeya. However, Karhtikeya is a revered God in South India and worshiped extensively, especially in the Tamil community. The circumstances regarding Kartikeya’s birth are blurry.

Some put him in a biological family while other texts tell him as born to a surrogate mother and raised by other women. However, Karthikeya is regarded as the god of war with exceptional abilities in the matter of war and conflict. He himself was a gifted warrior who possessed prowess over many weapons and the ways of war. Kartikeya with his abilities and his creative martial art genius led an army against the mighty Taraka and other demons. He successfully defeated them that secured his place in the Hindu mythology. Throughout the Hindu texts, Karthikeya is seen as a force to unite people with his talents. He is the uniter of two poles of Hinduism – Vaishnavism, and Shivaism. The show chronicles the life of Karthikeya through various Hindu texts.

All the incidents and major events in the life of Kratiikeya are told in a respectful way. The show, rather than employing a simple story telling approach uses the mixture of the story as well songs to tell the story of Karthikeya. Apart from telling the events of his life, the show also uses them as to educate the viewers about various life lessons the stories can provide. Stories from Hindu mythology are filled with examples that people can relate to and the show does an apt job of conveying them to the viewers. With beautiful visuals and a great storyline, people will certainly love it.