Tamil Tv Serial Kalyanamam Kalyanam

Kalyanamam Kalyanam  Tamil TV SERIALS on VIJAY TV

Kalyanamam Kalyanam is Tamil serial which airs on Vijay Tv. It casts Tejas Gowda as Subramanian from episode 1 to episode 301, and as Suriya from 302 to 307. Sreethu Nair Sreethu Nair is also called as Shindu, born on 2nd >> Read More... Sreethu Nair as Pragya Nagra from episode 1 to 301, and Kamali from 302 to 307. The story is a adaptation of a Hindi serial called Pyaar Ka Dard Hai.

The series is about Kamali and Suriya. They both live a different lifestyle and have a different perspective on life, especially in marriage. Kamali wants to live a happy married life, just like her parents. She wants to find a husband who loves her dearly. While Suriya thinks marriage is a burden which only hurts people since his parents got divorced.

Suriya’s grandfather wants him to marry a suitable girl, and they go to meet Kamali. But since Suriya is a pessimist, on the first meeting with Kamali, he asks her thoughts about divorce. Cheerful Kamali is surprised to hear such conflicting views of him. The story gives an intriguing tale of these two opposing personalities and how they spend their life together.