Tamil Tv Serial Kalyanamalai

Kalyanamaalai Tamil tv-serials on SUN TV

Kalyanamalai is a Sun TV Program which was first aired on the 21st of June 2015. It is a weekly show that is broadcasted on every Sunday. It is Anchored and hosted by Mohan. The chat show focuses on marriage and other related topics. It is a very popular serial that is watched by the married as well as those looking to get married. The show has been airing since for over a year. The show invites people who are looking to get married. The show is also a platform for – a first of its kind TV matrimonial. The show enjoys a substantial viewership and proposes that it gets matches for people up to 85% faster than online and paper matrimonials.

The show is based on the assumption of providing its customers with Fairytale romances that last a lifetime; the show gives people fantasies of living fulfilled and productive lives for them and their kith and kin. Marriage is peoples pass to such a life of uninterrupted euphoria. Itis essential for the success of individuals, as it allows them to achieve their actual potential, it takes individuals and binds them together, allowing them to support their better half through the highs and lows of life.

There is a growing need to look to other forms of media for the purpose of finding the “Mr/Mrs Right” that a person needs. This is the reason matrimonial columns have recently given way the much more popular web based matrimonial websites; this leads to a problem; not everyone has a computer and an internet connection.

This idea of having a matrimonial with a larger outreach lead to the start of this show - “Kalyanamalai”. Ms Meera Nagarajan is the CEO of the Kalyanamalai organisation (which is responsible for the show. It also owns a websites site and many different Kalyana mandapams in Tamilnadu), she has at many stated the difficulty that is faced by both prospective brides/bridegrooms and their parents when searching for a possible match. Kalyanamalai has recently introduced more varans. Watch the show to find a suitable match for anyone you know.