Tamil Tv Serial Kalyana Kanavugal

Kalyana Kanavugal Tamil TV SERIALS on Polimer TV

It is a popular Tamil daily soap series, Which premier on March 2015, and telecast on Polymer Tamil TV. The timing of serial was at 10:00 PM Monday to Friday. This serial is Tamil dubbed version of the popular show ”Doli Armaano Ki” which telecasted on Zee TV, a total number of the episodes is 482. The main cast included Neha Marda (Urmi), Mohit Manak (Samrat), Siddharth Arora (Ishaan) Mitansh Gera( Shaurya) and Neha Sargam( Diya). This series is directed by Santram Varma, Ranjan Singh, and Vicky Chauhan and produced by Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor.

This story is about to Women Power, Self-esteem, and her Dignity. Urmi a young girl, loving, down to earth and self-dependent, who is married to Samrat, who is arrogant, Egoistic and Abusive Husband, Both are opposite to each other by adjusting anyhow. Urmi gives efforts for solving all distance between both, but Samrat never understands and gives efforts. As time passes, Urmi delivered a baby boy, Shaurya. As the story progresses, Urmi is so tired because of her husband misbehave and weird nature. She decided to get separated from him, after the divorce, she stays alone with his child and manages everything. She wants to bring up her child in a healthier environment and also became independent, successful single mother. Finally she succeeds and lives with his child happy.

Urmi has a friend Ishaan who is a decent and honest lawyer; he is so impressed by Urmi as she is taking care of her and his child and started falling for Urmi. He proposed Urmi and after some time she also feels the same for him. They get married and live happily with their child. Later, Samrat, the abusive husband, comes back in Urmi’s life for taking revenge. He abuses Urmi and Ishaan and wanted to kill both of them. He got succeed in killing Ishaan as well as himself. One more time Urmi lives alone with his child. Then the story moves 15 years forward.

Shourya is now the young man and honest lawyer, who is an owner of the news agency. Diya, who is an intelligent and independent girl, works with Shaurya in his agency. One day Diya went out for assignment work where she got raped. From here Urmi, Shaurya, and Diya journey begin. Urmi and Shaurya both have sympathy with Diya, They support and help Diya for justice. Shaurya fights for her and takes a stand, with the efforts and cure of both Diya got justice. Finally, both of them started loving each other and lives their life together. The supporting roles of series, who contributed same such as; Nalini Negi, Anupam Shyam, Anjali Mukhi, Mehandi Jain, and Geeta Tyagi.