Tamil Tv Serial Kalathu Veedu

Kalathu Veedu Tamil TV SERIALS on VIJAY TV

Kalathu Veedu is a famous Tamil daily soap. It was aired on Vijay TV, Monday to Friday 6:30 PM. This show started on 2 November 2015 till 25 March 016. And the number of episodes is 102. The lead casting included Devi Priya, Gayathri, Anila, Sivan Srinivasan, Manickam, Rajesh, Shankara Pandian and series directed by Arulrasan. This story is about to revolving around the Kalathu Veedu, who is renowned family, and Shivankaalai, who is village head. Both families and Shivank1alaai reside in a village near Madurai. Ponraasu is head of Kara Veedu family, and Panchavarnam is the head of Kammaa Veedu family. Ponraasu is jealous by Sivankaalai and wants to destroy him anyhow Because due to Sivan Kaalai’s father Veedu’s father punished for stealing.

Sivankaalai wanted to vanish Kalathu Veedu family and started planning for apart them. Thus with many efforts of Shivankaalai and his friend he succeeds in his planning, plotting and efforts for breaking and shattered Kalathu Veedu family. As the story moves forward, Kalathu Veedu is apart now, but the glory and fame of village are lost. Eventually, Shivankaalai achieves his goals in splitting between Kalathu and Veedu family. When he was about to die, suddenly he felt guilty about which he did and wants to rectify his mistake. He calls his youngest son Jeeva only he could help him, who is the filmmaker now. He wants from his son that both families to reunite and get back glory and fame of the Kalathu Veedu.

The series portray further how Jeeva gives efforts for patch up both families and achieving their goals, How he overcome obstacles and how he deal with the breakup of families. Jeeva wants to complete his father last wish and back both families together. Eventually, he fulfills his father last wish and success in patchup of Kalathu Veedu family. Kalathu Veedu is a famous show of Vijay TV, created the record of TRP and audience love it so much, This series is full of family drama that’s why it is appreciated a lot by especially women's and stays in the first position. The recurring roles of serial included Hema, Manmohan Balan and much more, who plays an important role.