Tamil Tv Serial Kaattrukenna Veli

Kaatrukkenna Veli Tamil Tv serials on Zee tamil
Kaatrukkenna Veli is a brand new serial on Zee Tamil channel. The serial is about the life of an elder daughter of a family. She is in love with the son of her maternal uncle by name Selvaragavan. Finally, both families agree for marriage. At this juncture, the girl’s boss named Prasanna tries to win her by loving her. However, the girl is very keen in marrying Selvaraghavan. The story progresses and shows how Prasanna causes disturbances in the life of the girl so that she will not marry Selvaraghavan. Because of this the girl’s parents avoid her.

To be more precise this, serial revolves around the excellent adolescent lives of two lovely girls (in their teenage) named Rathna and Vaishali. It is very evident that teenage is an age that marks the blooming of youth where freedom, love and excitement is more. This age will influence one’s decision and disposition of life. The entire serial is full of goals, yearnings, wishes, trust and hopes where the girls crave and long for the same. The serial was directed by Rajesh Babbar. It runs for about 22 minutes approximately and started on May 21st 2012. The story shows different stages of the girls’ lives that include love, marriage and many problems they faced as part of life. The key characters were Piyush, Mahima, Ankit, Roopal, Alka, Shabana, Akansha, Diwakar, Vaishnavi and Shakthi.