Tamil Tv Serial Kaadhalukku Salam

Kadhalukku Salam Tamil Tv serials on Zee tamil
Kaadhalukku Salam is a dubbed serial and was telecasted in Zee Tamil channel from Monday to Friday at 10 pm. It is a story about two families who are authentic Muslims. There are two blood brothers named Asad and Ayaan who are separated by distance but at heart, they are united. Ayaan is a funky person while Asad is very decent. Ayaan like all women who are pretty. A character called Zoya steps in. She is very different from other members in her family. She is a person who does not like a big or joint family. The entire serial focuses on the how Zoya brings these two families together.

The reason is the Ayaan and Asad are separated from their families. Zoya’s full name is Zoya Farooqui and she is an Indian lady. The entire Khan’s family journey can be seen through eyes of the serial’s protagonists. Zoya is a very spunky, progressive NRI and very young. Zoya is well settled in America and she visits Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, India to search her beloved father. She comes along with Zeenat who is Zoya’s cousin sister along with Anwar who is her brother-in-law. Zoya is compelled by Zeenat to marry a person of her choice. During Zoya’s wedding, she denies marrying the groom and flees away from the marriage hall creating chaos as the members of her family were forcing her to marry. The story progresses and many interesting twists occur from time to time thus maintaining the thrill.