Tamil Tv Serial Jungle Book


The concept about a child being raised in Jungle by wild Animals itself lays the seed of interest in viewers. The story, with a total of 52 episodes, roams around a human cub named Mowgli and his upbringing by the pack of wolves. The serial shows the behavior of wild animals and ways of harmony between Wildlife and Humans. The Jungle Book got a lot of recognition worldwide. Even the show is dubbed in different languages, including Tamil, to gather more viewership.

The serial is based on Rudyard Kipling’s book of the same name. The cast of the serial consist of Mowgli, Bagheera, Baloo, Kaa, Sher Khan, etc. In every story, there is good and evil. Mowgli and his wolves pack are heroes and savior of the jungle, and Sher Khan is the villain who always envies Mowgli and tries to kill him. There are moments in the serial, which are emotional and shares similarity with society.

These days humans are busy with their daily life. Technology has wrapped our time, and we can’t get out of it. The Jungle Book is one of the unique serials where viewers can experience the true nature of the jungle. Children and elders can both watch this serial together and can share the experience.