Tamil Tv Serial Irul

Irul Tamil TV SERIALS on Vasantham

Irul is a TV serial aired on Vasantham tv. The tv show Irul airs from Monday to Thursday at 10 pm in Singapore. The show started on 25 September 2017 and aired till 6 December 2017. The serial replaced the hugely popular show Kalyanam after the second season. The serial Irul had a total of 40 episodes. It wasn't like the typical Indian tv shows that run for more than 2 or 3 years and never ends. It gave its viewers fun-filled entertainment with only a limited number of episodes. The serial was directed by S. Kumaran. A. Mohamed Ali wrote the show. It was produced by Shamin Madaveran. Each episode is 20 to 22 minutes long. It was produced by the production company Millenia Motion Pictures.

The serial had a versatile cast, including R. Venga, Nithiya Rao, Vishnu, Gayathri, and Gunaseelan. The show starts by showing a couple who is happily married and just moved to the town. Anu is the female protagonist of the serial and Raghu, who is the male protagonist. The serial explores their happily married life and the events that happen in their life. Anu and Raghu are living happily and then Anu starts hallucinating. At first, when she tells it to her husband, he thinks that she is just having some nightmares due to some stress and asks her to take a rest. Later they go to a doctor to get her checked. Anu feels that she sees some ghosts, but no one believes her.

Anu struggles with her work and demands made by her mother in law. Later they both move out of the family, and Lakshmi is now unhappy with them moving out. Later, Raghu thinks that Anu is hiding something from him and tells this to a colleague. Anu goes to school to pick Shalu, but she finds out that someone has already taken her from the school. Now she is worried and wants to find out who has picked her from school. To find out if she sees a ghost or its mental health, watch the show.