Tamil Tv Serial Ippadikku Rose

Ippadikku Rose Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

Ippadikku Rose, was produced by Vijay Anand for Star Vijay and directed by Antony Tirunelveli. The show was anchored by a transgender, Rose, previously known as Venkatesan. The host Rose did a marvellous job in hosting the show with ease and elegance. That was a talk show with various celebrities and common people too. The topics discussed were vast. The show was very successful, beyond the expectations. The head programmer of Star Vijay, Mr.Pradeep Milroy had said in an interview that they very little hesitant about the show initially and kept their fingers crossed when started the telecast. But the show was tremendously appreciated by the audience.

The society where transgenders are not considered as normal human beings by some, the show created a difference in their thoughts and mind. After watching this show, many started giving considerations to the transgenders.

Every episode was with different people from different walks of life and fields. Many topics were included in the show, like gay marriages, sex, gender bias so on, apart from meeting with the celebrities. The audience had a chance to know about many celebrities and people less known to them. The talk with the wife of the forest brigand Veerappan, the talk with Nakkeran Gopal, the show featuring Actress Anuradha and her daughter were few to be noted. It showed the audience the other side of the coin.

Rose in an interview said, that she was happy and satisfied for hosting such a show. "Transgenders in India are seen as immoral and evil. I wanted to break that image by being articulate, intelligent and a bit like the girl next door. And the show gave me an opportunity for that." she added. It was a radical development.

There have been transsexuals in Indian movies, but always as the object of ridicule or as villains. Ippadikku Rose was the show for the first time in the history of Indian television that a transgender person had been featured as a television anchor.