Tamil Tv Serial  Indira

Most of the time, the female lead protagonist of the serials are beautiful and flawless. Amidst this, Indira comes as a breath of fresh air. Ved Raj Shrivastava is the man behind the story. He is also the writer along with Dheeraj Sarna. It is the Tamil dubbed version of a Hindi show named Thapki Pyar Ki. It revolves around a girl who is intelligent and chirpy but stutters while speaking. However, she isn't bogged down by her problem and leads her life with enthusiasm. But due to her disorder, no one wishes to marry her.

A guy shorter than her agrees to marry her but rejects soon after he comes to know about her problem. It disheartens Indira. Meanwhile, she gets an opportunity to work for a news channel in the city of Noida. She gladly accepts it and shifts to Noida with her entire family. Through her skills, behavior, and sincerity, she impresses her boss. However, some of her colleagues grow jealous of her and start to create obstacles in her path. Later both of them fall in love. He introduces Indira to his mother. Initially, she agrees to the match, but when she comes to know about Indira's stuttering, she hatches a plan to separate them.

She succeeds in getting Indira married to her adopted son. It shocks Indira as she hated him. However, Indira later manages to win her heart. She also falls in love with her husband which makes her ex-boss envious. However, he realizes his mistakes and mends his ways. However, more difficulties begin to crop up in their lives as a family reaches their place and proclaims to be the actual parent of Indira's husband. It makes him resent his current family. All this chaos breaks havoc in their relationship, and he throws Indira out of the house unknown about the fact that she is going to become the mother to his child.

After a freak accident, Indira loses her child, and she begins to harbor hatred against him. The storyline then leaps to two years later. She returns as a leading business woman and takes revenge from the all the people who wronged her. However, the path was not easy as her sister gets married with her ex-lover and everything becomes complicated. The serial took two more leaps of seven years and fifteen years before showing that Indira gave birth to healthy twin daughters, one among whom they all believe is dead. In the next phase, Indira's sister dies, and her husband holds Indira responsible for her death. Indira once again has to face many challenges and obstacles to save her family and the intricate relationships. Raj TV is the official broadcaster of the program.