Tamil Tv Serial Gopuram

Gopuram was a television series that was telecasted by Sun TV. This was a drama series in the Tamil Language which started to appear on television screens during 2000. From the start, this particular series ran for a total number of 325 episodes. This series was ended during the year 2002. ‘Sathya Jyothi Films’ is the tele-film company that involved in the production of this series. Gopuram was a daily series that was telecasted during all the weekdays.

The plot of this series was revolving around two brothers who are facing several hurdles in their life. The lead role was played by the famous film star, Sarath Babu. Another leading role had been taken up by ' Sadhana' who played as Sarath Babu’s wife. Not only these, several other leading actors like Jhanvi, Thota Tharani, Kalthoon Thilak, Jegan Nivas, Ammu, Deepa Venkat, Vishwa, Kaushik and Sowmya had played various important roles in this series.

Other actors in this series include Amritha, Vijay Krishnaraj, Idhayam Ravi, Sowbarnika, Jansi, Baby Rajinisha, Gayathri Priya, Padma Chowdhary, Rajan, Gajendra Kumar, Vijay Anand, Varalakshmmi, Kausalya Sendhamarai, Bhaskar and Vizhudhugal Santhanam.

The title track of this series was sung by the legendary singer, Srinivas. The lyrics for the title track were written by Piraisoodan and, the music was composed by Ramani Bharadwaj. The story and screenplay part of this series were carried out by Pattukottai Prabhakar while the direction part was taken up by B. Nithyananda and Seyyaru Ravi.