Tamil Tv Serial Girija MA

Girija MA Tamil Tv serials on Jaya tv


Girija M.A. was telecasted in Jaya Tv, with a massive fan following. The serial was produced by A.V.M.K.Shanmugam. Casting Priya Raman from big screen, as heroine, this serial was enjoyed by many audience.

Abhishek played the role of the hero along with Priya Raman as heroine. Abhishek is well known to the fans as a potential performer always. Abhishek's inclusion kindled further interest in the serial .The story was penned by Vimala Ganesh and the screenplay was done by her as well. Chinnadurai wrote the dialogues. The family drama, directed by Arundhavaraj was excellent. Eventhough it reminded a little of K. Balachander's film, `Aval Oru Thodarkadhai.' The subject was strong and suited the kind of protagonist role of the heroine Girija .She took the burden in her shoulders by taking care of her mother and three sisters. The heroine Girija was shown as chirpy and strong, even when her closest friend Lakshmi becomes her bitter enemy, she was upset, but not down. The emotions of sentiment, anger, vengeance and love, was interestingly interwoven that made the serial palatable to viewers. It was maintained throughout the serial.

The serial was popular for one more idea.That was,two weeks before the start of the serial, the viewers watched Priya Raman introducing the serial with announcement of a competition. Based on her clues given, viewers were expected to guess the name of the soap that's about to begin. Prizes were announced for the winners. The tempo of the serial was maintained until the end. Priya Raman di the role efficiently, with Abhishek as a healthy competitor as the hero. The struggles of the heroine and the pains she faced were shown very clearly, which provoked sympathy from the audience. By this serial, Priya Raman has proved that she could do any roles with ease.