Tamil Tv Serial Galatta Kids

Galatta Kids Tamil tv-serials on Zee Tamil

Galatta Kids is a game show which has been designed for kids. It is aired on Zee Tamil. The format of the game show is similar to most game shows. The format constitutes of three families as participants. Being a kid’s show, the families won't be asked to do anything which would be difficult for the children to understand. Galatta Kids is hosted by Munna.who is an acclaimed RJ. He is famous for his interaction skills and tickling the funny bone of his audience. He is good with children which make him the obvious choice to anchor the show.

There are four parts to the game. The contesting families must clear those rounds and try to win as many points as possible. Whichever family gets the most points will be declared as the winner of the day. It is a studio-based show hence, there is no live audience. Kids are quite innocent, and they will say whatever comes to their mind. The kids on the show dont really care about what others might think or how embarrassing it would be for their family members. They say whatever comes to their mind in front of whomsoever they want. The average age of the kids participating the show is five years.

When they are interviewed, they are asked various questions about themselves and their families. Some of them are embarrassing questions which the kids have no idea about. They will answer anything which they are told to answer, and it will be an honest answer. The studio is designed in a way so that the children will feel comfortable. There are balls and balloons all around the floor. The chairs are soft. The background is colorful which contains many colors. It contains images of popular cartoon characters doing crazy things. The first round begins with the host asking questions to the parents.

The kid has to tell whether they are telling a lie or not. Most correct answers will mean more points gained by the family. All the participating families will get a gift of participation, whereas the winning family will get a huge token from the show. It went off the air two years ago. It is still available on YouTube, with each episode of about forty minutes.