Tamil Tv Serial Flight 172

Flight 172 Tamil Tv serials on Doordarshan

Flight 172 was telecasted on the Doordarshan channel in 1987. The drama was written by Mouli, who was a famous drama director and writer. The drama, Flight 172 was the maiden venture of Mouli in stage dramas. It was his debut drama, when he was working in the Ponds company. Mouli had once said in an interview that Flight 172 was a full length play written by him in 1969 for YGP's UAA drama troupe. It became an instant hit in the comedy genre and was staged for more than 300 times across the state. After 17 years of stage drama, it was made into a serial for small screens under the regulatory regime of the airport and aircraft. It was a big hit in the small screens too. A function was held for the release of the DVDs and VCDs of this popular drama. When it was staged, it ran successfully for thirty years, with housefull shows.

The popular actor, Padmashree Kamal Haasan had said in a function, that Flight 172 was indeed a trendsetter to comedy plays in this part of the country. He also added that he enjoyed the drama more when it was played on the stage . Many famous drama personalities had also appreciated the initiative taken by Mouli, for releasing the DVDs and VCDs of Flight 172 which became a treasure for many households. Even the children at home, who were not very familiar with stage dramas , enjoyed the comedy in Flight - 172 to the extent of replicating the scene inside the flight, when Moulee as Nathaswara Vidwan tried explaining the concept of Nathaswaram and Carnatic Music to a foreigner in his own version of English. Who ever had watched this serial could never forget this scene. The viewers had a hearty laugh all through out the serial. The comedy sequences were woven by Mouli in a very beautiful way. One more scene which stood out the most, was when Neelu removed his hearing aid and the conversation he had after that. Mouli in an interview had said that he wrote Flight No. 172 with the sole aim of making the people laugh. The seria’sl cast included Mouli, Charlie, Maadhu Balaji, Neelu, Singaram and others in the lead. Doordarshan was greatly appreciated for the telecast of this valuable and beautiful drama, which made the viewers cherish those days until today.