Tamil Tv Serial Enge Brahmanan

Enge Brahmanan Tamil Tv serials on Jaya tv

Enge Brahmanan was a television series that was telecasted on Jaya TV. The story of this series was adopted from the writings of Cho Ramaswamy. He had written this story for the ‘Thuglak’ magazine. This series had hit the television screens on February 1st, 2009. The series appeared on Jaya TV during the weekdays from 8:00 PM according to the Indian Standard Time. Each episode lasted for around 30 minutes. Each episode showed a story that would occur in the background. Cho often appeared for the purpose of explaining the aspects as well as the importance of Hinduism.

He also explained about the various cultural practices and rituals that are being followed in that particular religion. This series was considered as a propaganda exercise by the producers for upholding the Brahmins in the religion. In this series, leading actors like Afsar had made their appearances in various episodes. Delhi Kumar and Nalini were also the part of the series. The famous film star, 'Kuyili' had also appeared along with Sri Vidya in this serial.

The direction part of this series was carried out by Venkat. He is also the person who had taken up the screenplay in this series. Amirthalaya is the producer company of this series. Dr. Krithiya composed the lyrics for this particular series.