Tamil Tv Serial En Vaazhkai

En Vazhkai Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

En Vaazhkai was a Tamil TV serial which was aired on Star Vijay , every Monday to Friday at 1 PM. The plot of the serial had made bold attempts in showing the harsh realities of a man-woman relationship. The serial was a dubbed version of the Hindi serial ‘Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak’ that began pn the 18th October, 2010. The serial had gained a a reputation of being the first ever Indian Television show to have a gay storyline. The story was initially intended in telling about the lives of four women ofa family in which Priya, Uttara, Devyani and Vidhya play the four women characters.

The serial began with the life of Uttara and the problems caused by her drunkard husband. The story then moved to Brahma, who was the brother- in- law of Uttara and the conflicts caused to her sister when she marries Brahma. Uttara was a beautiful girl and Devyani was her elder sister. Uttara was married to Rishabh and they both had a daughter. Rishabh happened to meet with an accident after which he became a drunkard and began torturing his wife.. Uttara decides to send her daughter to a hostel so that the family environment doesn’t ruin her education.

Rishabh goes to the extent of pimping his wife for money. Not being able to withstand his torture, Uttara kills her husband. Then Uttara seeks asylum in Devyani’s house whose husband Brahma is an immoral police officer and womanizer. How Uttara gets away with her husband’s murder and tackles Brahma, forms the rest of the plot. The cast includes Raqesh Vashisth as Aditya, the male protagonist, Ridhhi Dogra as Priya who plays the female protagonist, Indrani as Devyani, Kamya as Uttara, Vishwajeet Pradhan as Brahma, Vindhya as Vidya and Dakssh Ajit Singh as Gaurav.

Another version of this story...

En vazhkai was aired on the Star Vijay channel, which was dubbed from a Hindi serial, ‘Maryada’. Directed by various directors like, Waseem Sabir, Imtiaz Punjabi, Iqbal Rizvi and Waseem Sabir, The serial was produced by Diya singh andTonySingh. The cast included , Indrani Halder,Riddhi Dogra, Rakesh Vasishth, Kamya Punjabi,Viswajith, Sushil, Vidhya Tiwari, Nivin Ramani, Arun Bali, Navita, Dakssh Ajit Singh, Fenil and others. The beautiful story contributed by Raj Shetty, Damini Shetty and Sanjay Shabd Kumar, the serial was well appreciated by the fans of Tamil Nadu,who have a liking towards the North Indian culture. The story revolves around the four women in a family based environment and belonging to Haryana.

The serial focuses on the lives of four women from the same family named Priya, Devyani, Uttara and Vidya. First, it was focused on the character of Uttara and the trials she faced in her abusive marriage to her drunkard husband. The show later revolved around Brahman and Jakhar, Uttara's brother-in-law, and Uttara's betrayal to her sister bymarrying Brahma. Uttara was a beautiful woman with an elder sister, Devyani. She is happily married to Rishabh and has a teenage daughter with him. Rishabh gets into an accident, becomes an alcoholic and starts torturing his wife violently. After a point of time, she kills her husband out of rage.

Her sister’s husband Braham helps her in legal activities and she was released and Devyani allows her sister to stay in her house. Due to certain circumstances,Uttara and Brahma start having an affair and the remaining story is about how Devyani and her daughter -in –law, Priya try hard to separate them. Aditya, the son of Devyani at first was not aware of his father’s immoral activities, but realizes it after a certain a point of time.

Devyani finally gets peace one year later with Brahma dead. Aditya becomes the party leader of his political party which is a huge success. Aditya and Priya are happily married . Uttara gives birth to t Brahma’s son, named Shravan and Shravan is later accepted by the family members happily. The serial shows and reveals the darker realities of a family .