Tamil Tv Serial En Thozhi En Kadhali En Manaivi

En Thozi En Kadali En Manaivi is a 2005 Tamil drama serial which is telecasteon Vijaya TV. It starred famous and popular actors and actresses like Durga, Devipriya, Nilima Rani, Venu Arvind, Chetan, and Premsai. It revolved around the lives of six people who face a lot of issues and problems in life but somehow emerge successful from them.

It is produced by the famous director Vasanth and directed by a film institute graduate Charles. The plot of the show is about the life and happenings of all these six people and how their lives are entwined together in an emotionally complex way. While planning for the show the producers and directors had decided to target the upper-middle-class section of the society as its viewers as the plot revolves around the people who are from that background. The higher middle-class people liked it more as they could relate to the serial as they sometimes go through the same conflicts and issues.

It premiered on July 18; 2005.The main protagonist is played by Prem Sai and is called Chiru in this drama. He goes through a lot of issues regarding his career, passion, and his love life. He wants to be a police officer but his love for his girlfriend Devi and his friend Madhavi gets in the way and complicates his life. The other protagonist, Chetan is a zoologist professor who believes in equality and believes that there is no such thing as destiny and everybody is responsible for their actions. Like this, all the other protagonists have important and vital roles which form or develops the story as we go through the episodes.

It is unique and had a high TRP for all the years that it was broadcasted. It was famous in exploring human relations and emotions and the trials and problems the present generation face. The show was loved by the audience as they could relate to the show and found it very different and unique. It matched everyone’s tastes which made it all the more famous and popular. It ended in the year 2007 after running for a successful 2 years in the television industry. It was a perfect combination of emotional melodrama and happy moments which made this show all the more special. The actors were praised for their apt performance of their respective roles and their characters were loved a lot.