Tamil Tv Serial En Samayal Araiyil

En Samayal Araiyil Tamil tv-serials on MAKKAL TV

En Samayal Araiyil is a Tamil serial which is aired on Makkal TV. It is a short serial which is broadcasted on weekends. The show mainly focuses on the cooling abilities of housewives. Other than that, it also gives the women a chance to showcase their talents on television. The host of the show visits the participating guest’s house and shoots the show.

It is shot in a dramatic way. It's a method on which many daily soaps of the country are based. At the start of the show, the house door opens in a dramatic manner, and the guest walks by it. The host is sitting somewhere on top, and she talks about her guest. She talks about her talents and cooking abilities. The music starts getting louder while she is seated on the porch and singing some song.

Most of the times she is in a position, something similar to holding an instrument. The host walks towards her and talks in a manner which had been made popular by the daily soap actresses. They keep looking at each other before they both burst out laughing. Then they start talking for a while. They introduce each other in front of the cameras. The anchor is smiling while she asks the guest about her talents.

She is happy and readily answers all the questions which have been put before her. They move to the kitchen and start making preparations for the delicacy. Both of them are wearing beautiful sarees. The camera shots typically represent a soap opera. It is a huge kitchen where all the required materials are kept on the slab. They mostly make South Indian dishes which will surely go well with the audience.

The anchor doesn't stop talking. She keeps asking questions about what is being put, can something else be used instead of this, how much of this should be put, etc. These questions are answered happily. After the food is cooked, they work together to get the food served on plates.

The plates are kept on a big dining table. The food is neatly kept on it. The two of them are then seated as they enjoy the food. The host cannot stop praising it while the guest also cannot stop blushing.