Tamil Tv Serial En Peyar Meenakshi

En Peyarmeenatchi Tamil Tv serials on Vijay tv

En Peyar Meenakshi is a Tamil serial getting telecast in Star Vijay from Monday to Friday at 8.30 PM. The first episode of the serial was aired on September 10th of 2010. The serial is a woman centric story that talks about the life of a girl named Meenatchi.

Meenakshi is a normal Tamil girl who's got all her dreams about her life and marriage. Her father is working at a school nearby as a teacher and he's got a good reputation among his students. He arranges a groom to marry his daughter marriage and announces the wedding date. Meenakshi is all excited about her marriage as his father and spends time talking about the marriage life that she's going to lead. The wedding date approaches. Her father invites everybody from the town along with his students to attend the marriage. Unfortunately on the wedding day, due to some unforeseeable circumstances, the groom gets kidnapped and Meenakshi's marriage comes to a halt. The worried father seeks help from one of his students Sakthi who ends up marrying Meenakshi to spare his teacher the pain. The series of unexpected incidents depresses Meenakshi since her wedding was not like anything she imagined. But what waits is that the new home and the family that she's going to enter will be posing a lot of shocks for her. Can she survive all these shocks is what forms the crux of the plot.

A debutant actress Harsha dons the role of Meenakshi and the veteran actor Delhi Kumar takes up the role of her father. Siddharth plays the role of Sakthi. The serial is written and directed by Jerold.