Tamil Tv Serial En Iniya Thozhiye

En Iniya Thoziye is a popular Tamil television show which started telecasting on 10 November 2014.It was broadcasted on Raj TV which is a 24 hour Tamil general entertainment channel in Tamil Nadu. Its airing time was Monday to Friday at 9pm.

It revolved around the lives of two women who are friends. They both belong to completely different classes of the society which leads them to have different opinions on life. Both the friends see life in a completely different perspective from each other. The two friends, Pari and Sandhya have completely different ideas on love. One of them hates the concept of love and doesn’t believe love to be a magical or a beautiful thing whereas the other one is totally opposed to the idea of not believing in love at all. She very much trusts and accepts the concept of love and believes in it as well. The first one is a rich woman who is opposed to love and the middle-class one is for it.

The main plot f the story is about how the lives of these two friends changes after they meet their soulmates and how with love and understanding they pass all the hurdles in life with their respective partners. The popular actress Srithika plays the role of Pari and Ekavalli played the role of Sandhya. Apsar played the role of Pari's husband called as Sathya whereas Jeyram played the role of Prasanna who is Sandhya’s husband. The main four protagonists played a very crucial role in the story development and also enacted their roles beautifully.

The show even aired on Sri Lanka and Canada on Nethra TV and Tamil entertainment television respectively. The show very beautifully explained the meaning of love and friendship and how these two institutions are very much needed to live life. Without love nobody can be happy in their marriage or nobody can be happy with their companions. It is the basis for any relationship. Even friendship is the basic crux of life. If a person does not have friends or is not a good loyal friend then he or she can never be successful or happy in life.

This show gained a lot of popularity from its viewers worldwide and till today is remembered for its interesting and unique storyline. Its final episode was aired on February 26, 2016. It has a total of 332 episodes in its kitty.