Tamil Tv Serial En Iniya Iyanthira

En Iniya Iyandhira Tamil Tv serials on Doordarshan

En Iniya Iyandhira was aired on the Doordarshan channel, back in the 80s. The story was written a the famous writer Sujatha, in the name En Iniya Iyandhira,a tamil fiction novel, in Ananda Vikatan. The meaning is ‘My dear machine’. The novel was such a success that it was made into a serial in the Doordarshan channel, and had a huge number of viewers in 1991.The lead role of Jiva was played by a veteran actor, Charu Haasan, the role of Nila by Sivaranjini, Shiva played the role of Sibi and Ravi by Anand. Story of the En iniya iyandhira revolved around Jiva, a dictator who ruled the Indian subcontinent and three rebels organized a coup against him including a girl named Nila and a dog named Jino , which was a robot.

The robotic dog ,Jino had its own circle of fans among the viewers. When the serial was launched, it had a tremendous number of audiences for a science fiction serial. The serial was a hit with many unexpected turns and twists accompanied by science and technology. Even though the serial was full of surprises and unexpected thrilling events, the peaks included certain moments when Nila, played by Sivaranjani found out that her husband was just a robot. The viewers were spellbound and shocked when that episode was telecasted. Charu Haasan was applauded for the role he had played brilliantly.

The story was filled with surprises and watched with huge excitement and enjoyment when telecasted. It is said that the Rajinikanth starrer Enthiran was slightly based on the novel En Iniya Iyandhira. Like all the other stories written by Sujatha, this novel too had a vast and foreseen idea about the future .In the serial, that was shot more than two decades before, the characters talk about mall, which was unknown in those days by the Indians and they talk about the frequency of the flights and shuttle services. That showed how intelligent Sujatha was. Even though he is no more in this world, he still lives in the hearts of his fans with his works and novels like En iniya Iyandhira. He has left behind a legacy and his death has created a void in the science -fiction literary works.