Tamil TV Serials En Anbu Thangaikku

‘En Anbu Thangaiku’ is a dubbed version of the famous Hindi TV serial “Ek veer ki ardaas...Veera” which is telecasted on star plus. The Tamil version is telecasted on ‘star Vijaya’ and is for the all the Tamil speaking fans of this serial who don't understand Hindi. This show emphasizes on the pure relationship between a brother and a sister. The main lead of the show is ‘Ranveer’ or fondly called ‘Ranvi’ and his younger step-sister ‘Veera’ whom he loves the most in the world. They go through a lot struggles together, but always emerge through these difficulties successfully due to each other's support. The story starts with Ranvi's family who resides in ‘PritamPura’. His father, ‘Sampooran’, is the village head. He lives with his parents and his grand aunt.

They are a happy family who live together peacefully and harmoniously until one day when Sampooran discovers about his love child. He leaves the house ashamed of hurting his wife and the newborn baby girl is left at the doorsteps of their home. Even though Ranvi's mother ‘ Ratan’ hates Veera, Ranvi adores and takes care of her like how a mother would care for her child. He always sees to it that his beloved sister is never hungry and is happy. As time passes the brother-sister duo go through a lot of complications and hurdles in their lives which keep on increasing with time. As Veera grows up, she never experiences love from Ratan which hurts her a lot. In their adulthood, Veera and Ranvi fall in love with ‘Baldev’ and ‘Gunjan’ respectively. Even though both the love stories go through a lot of hardships and issues, but everything works out in the end.

Veera goes through a lot of marital problems with Baldev due to the interference of his evil aunt ‘Manjeet’ who despises Veera and wants her to go away from their lives. The story ends on a happy note which makes its dedicated viewers content. The show went on for three years and showed the life story of Veera and Ranvi which was spread over a span of many years from their childhood to adulthood. This serial was very popular and saw many upcoming and talented actors like ‘ Digangana Suryavanshi’, ‘ Shivin Narang’, ‘ Farnaz Shetty’, and ‘Vishal Vashishta’. The show was launched on Star Vijay on 1 December 2014.It is quite popular even with the Tamil audience.


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