Tamil Tv Serial EMI-Thavanai Murai Vazhkai

Other names of : EMI
EMI-Thavanai Murai Vazhkai Tamil TV SERIALS on SUN TV

Emi- Thavanai Murai Vazhkai is the Tamil serial with love, romance, comedy, and family drama. This serial was directed by M.Iniyan Dinesh . It was released on 7th March 2016 and last aired on 29th July 2016. This was followed by the comedy junction. This was telecast from Monday - Friday at 10:30pm on Sun tv network. The lead role actors in this show are Vikram, Pavani Reddy, Shyam Sunder, Naresh Eswar, Vijay, Hari Priya, Pop Suresh, and Naren Ram. Emi-Thavanai Murai Vazhkai serial season 2 is going to air in this year 2017 due to the public interest on the show.

The public was very interested to watch the show on the prime time because it was too funny with heavy comedy skills and also had a lot of punch dialogues in the show by the actors. This show stayed in the minds of the people for its story script and its title. Due to this the audience requested to the director for the season 2. This concept was purely unique to the audience with the comedy and the romance that was shown by the people. The serial has the love story of the hero and heroine and shows the romance between both the people with small fights and more love.

This serial was full of comedy. This had many reviews in each episodes. The family drama is more interesting to watch because it had been played by many comic actors and involved their life in this show. This show gained a huge popularity and attracted people like kids, youth and old age people due to the comedy.The actors had done lot of hard work for the serial. Beyond this there are many controversies on the show but after the response from the director the controversies came to an end. The crew members are getting ready for the next season with a new concept to entertain.