Tamil Tv Serial Emergency Action

Emergency Action Tamil tv-serials on DD Podhigai

Emergency Action is the first of its kind Tamil TV serial which used to be aired on DD Podhigai. The crime and action thrillers were earlier limited to the big screen. Emergency Action changed all that; it brought the suspense and emotion to the small screen, the first of its kind in the Tamil TV industry. Like most soap operas, this show falls short of competing with the best in the world due to its involvement in the same kind of melodrama which has been popularized throughout the country.

This series was well acclaimed by the critics, and it also won a lot of awards. Emergency Action is about various crimes which are happening throughout the country. Nobody knows who is committing these crimes, but the police think they know who it is. But they do not have enough resources or any actual clue about what is going on. Sadna is the lead actress in the show.

This is the first time in her career that she has played a double role in any form of cinematic experience. Her two roles are poles apart from their characters. She has a positive role in the serial. This character is a lovely one who is loved by everyone. She has no enemies and wouldn't want one too. She is the daughter of a rich doctor who has always worked hard to provide whatever she has needed.

The negative role in the show is not so popular among other characters. Nobody knows of her existence, and nobody bothers to talk to her. She is boring and sad that things are not going nicely for her. She gets involved with a few people who later turn out to be bad guys. They have a huge influence over her, and they turn into something she is not supposed to be. She loses her conscience and becomes a sociopath. She has stopped caring about other people and she only cares about herself now.

Few people get killed and nobody has any idea. Once the doctor gets killed, then things start to get serious, and all of the main characters now have importance in the show. The show did well for a few years, and instead of going on for years and losing its charm, the producers decided to end the serial on a high note where the two main characters meet each other. The serial wasn't as popular as a few other Tamil shows, but nevertheless, it did do good on TV and created a landmark in the Tamil Television Industry.