Tamil Tv Serial Dwarakai Krishnan

Dwarakai Krishnan Tamil Tv serials on Polimer tv
Dwarakai Krishnan is a Tamil epic series getting aired in Polimer TV from Monday to Friday by 6.30 PM. The series is a dubbed version of Hindi serial, Dwarkadheesh - Bhagwaan Shree Krishn which was aired in Imagine TV from July 4th of 2011 at 8 PM. But the serial happened to be stopped since the Imagine TV was shutdown in 2012.

The serial talks about the life of Lord Krishna and his adventures while he was the prince in Dwaraka. The serial takes the moments from Lord Krishna's life soon after he kills his uncle Kans and becomes the prince of Dwaraka. The serial starts from the battle in which Lord Krishna is set to meet the wicked kind Kalyavan who's an ally of Jarasandh, having a history of 16 lost battles to Lord Krishna. The serial also talks about the relationships of Lord Krishna with his brother Balrama and with his love Rukmani.

The cast includes Vishal Karwal who plays Lord Krishna, Heman Chadha as Krishna's brother Balram, GauriHarmit Kaur as the sister in law Revathi, PriyaBathija as wife of Krishna, Shantipriya in the role of Krishna's mother and NiktinDheer as the King Kalyavan along with others. The serial aims to show Lord Krishna as a lover, a master of strategies, as a brother, son, father and king.

The serial is directed by Bhushan Patel and Mukesh Singh. Sagar films produced the serial.