Tamil Tv Serial Dr Narendiranin Vinodha Vazhakku - Cast & Crew


1. Y.G.Mahendra

Y-g-magendran.jpg Yechan Gunja Mahendran or famously known as Y.G.Mahendran was born as Y. Gee Mahendra on January 9, 1950 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. He is a very famous serial and cinema actor, dramatist, producer, director and also a well-known playwright singer. His father, Y.G. Parthasarathy is a known pioneer of the new Tamil drama and her mother, Rajalakshmi Parthsarathy initiated the Padma Seshadri Bala Bhavan or the PSBB, a group of schools where she is also the dean located in Chennai. Y.G. Mahendra is the cousin of the veteran actress, Vyjayanthimala. Y. G. Mahendra’s ...

2. Sarath Babu

s/a/r/a/t/h/sarath-babu.jpg Sarath Babu is in the Industry for few decades now. He did some 200+ films which covered all South Indian languages. He is a highly skilled actor but couldn’t stand as a husband and had multiple divorces. Sarath Babu is one of the most talented character artists in South India. He has played numerous roles as a husband, friend, father, brother and villain on-screen. Personal Life: Sarath Babu was born on 31 July 1951 at Amadalavalasa in Andhra Pradesh. He turned 64 this year and is looking forward to another marriage. Sarath Babu’s father had his own business of hotel, and he wanted him to handle his business. But on the other hand, Sarath wanted to be a police...