Tamil Tv Serial Dhinam Dhinam Deepavali

Dhinam Dhinam Deepavali Tamil Tv serials on Raj tv
Dhinam Dhinam Deepavali was aired in MegaTv. It was a family oriented comedy serial, which was received very well among the audience. The leading casts were Nalini, Pandu, Balaji, Sadhana, Arthi, Kumaresan, Chaplin Balu, Manager Seenu and others.

The story was one among the stereo typed stories of mother in law and daughter in law rift. A couple with three sons were the head of the joint family. The domination of mother in law and her arguments with the eldest daughter in law who was dominating as well were very humorous. The eldest daughter in law wanted to bring the house hold in her control and hence she adopted her own ways of targeting the goal. But the second daughter in law was keen on creating a fight between the mother in law and the eldest daughter in law. The father in law was shown as a humble and soft man. The serial showed and made clearly understand, that how men were disturbed and troubled, because of the women folk and their issues in the daily life.

Produced by T.Gunavathi for Thiruvalluvar kalaikoodam, the serial was directed by Ganesh Rajendran and the story was written by him as well. The work of Surya as camera man deserved appreciation for his intelligent capturing.

The story elaborated about the elder son who tried his best to avoid rift between his wife and mother, the second son who was ’take it easy’ type of guy and he third son who lived in imagination about his marriage and his wife in future. The serial was shot in a such way that it made the fans feel very attached to the family in the serial. With very good comedy sequences and dialogue, It made the fans laugh out their worries in the daily life and when it was telecasted at night, the whole family in the drawing rooms enjoyed it watching together. The child artists in the serial have done their roles so naturally and they attracted the fans spontaneously for their performances in all the episodes.